Board of Education

  • Davor Gjivoje - President

  • Dr. Alex Anastasiou - Vice President

  • Abhinov  Singh

  • Richard Bruno

  • Melissa Krikos

The Harding Township Board of Education is an elected, unpaid group of five citizens who set policy and make decisions on educational, financial, and personnel matters for the Harding Township school district on behalf of all residents. The Board and the school district operate under applicable New Jersey laws and under regulations of the New Jersey Board of Education, the New Jersey Department of Education as well as local policies established by the Harding Township Board of Education itself.

The Harding Township Board of Education usually meets twice a month. The first meeting of the month is a "work" session, at which upcoming resolutions and the reports of the various Board committees are discussed. The second meeting is the "action" meeting, when the Board votes on proposed resolutions. Both meetings include opportunities for those attending to comment on matters of interest to them, including matters on the published agenda.

We sincerely desire that our meetings provide useful opportunities for communication between the Board and the community.