William Annin Middle School

William Annin Middle School

70 Quincy Road

Basking Ridge 07920




  1. Turn right out of the school's driveway on to Lee's Hill Road.
  2. Proceed to the intersection of Lee's Hill Road and North Maple Avenue.
  3. Turn left on to North Maple Avenue.
  4. At the center of town bear right, do not go straight on North Maple Avenue.
  5. At the stop sign go left. (Presbyterian Church will be on your right). You are now on Finely Avenue.
  6. Pass the Store Restaurant. Continue on Finely Avenue.
  7. Pass the Grand Union on your right, the road changes to Lyons Road.
  8. Take the 3rd right onto Quincy Road.
  9. William Annin School is less than one mile down the road on the left.
  10. Park in the parking lot and walk behind the school to the field.