• Harding Township School is dedicated to providing educational programs that foster lifelong learning and meet the diverse needs of our students. The district’s Student Services Department includes both general education and special education teachers, teacher assistants, related services providers in speech-language, occupational therapy, physical therapy and a board certified behavior analysis and the Child Study Team.

    The Child Study Team members comprise a Learning Disability Teacher-Consultant (LDTC), School Psychologist, and School Social Worker.

    Academic Support Programs

    Basic Skills Program

    Our district has a well-developed system of early identification and intervention for students who demonstrate difficulty in meeting academic expectations. 

    The Basic Skills Program is an academic intervention program that provides small group instruction, as well as, collaborative teaching in the general education classroom for students who need additional support to meet grade level expectations in reading, written expression, and mathematics. This program incorporates a variety of multi-sensory teaching methods and materials to complement classroom instruction. Ultimately, the program strives to equip learners with skills and strategies that they can apply independently. Student performance and progress are closely monitored and reported to parents. Informal assessments and a set of criteria are used to determine entrance and exit from the program.

    English Language Services for English Language Learners (ELL) 

    When a student’s English language proficiency is limited because their native language is other than English, the district provides direct instruction to help the student to acquire English and maintain academic performance.  State testing criteria determines eligibility for this program.

    Speech and Language Services

    Speech and language services are provided to address articulation, phonology, voice, fluency and/or language difficulties that adversely affect a student's educational performance and communication. Referrals may be made by the parent or teacher.  With parental consent, a speech-language evaluation by a Speech/Language Specialist is required to determine eligibility. If found eligible, an Individualized Education Program (IEP), is developed with the collaboration of the student’s teacher and the parent.  Parents receive progress reports on the student’s performance in meeting the speech goals and objectives 3 times/year when Report Cards are issued.

    Special Education Programs

    The Student Services Department, in compliance with N.J. Administrative Code for Special Education (N.J.A.C. 6A:14), provides instructions in the least restrictive environment to students with disabilities who have been found eligible for Special Education and Related Services.  The Child Study Team collaborates with teachers and parents to develop the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for each student.  The appropriate educational setting is determined after consideration of the full  continuum of placements including special education support in general education classrooms, small group instruction in Resource Rooms, or, self-contained classrooms.

    In-Class Resource (ICR)

    ICR is designed to provide support services to students in the general education classroom using a team teaching model.   The Special Education and General Education teachers work together to design lessons, instruct students, develop assessments and determine the appropriate modifications and accommodations needed. 

    Pull Out Resource Center Classroom

    This program provides instruction in a specific academic subject in a small group setting.  The special education teacher follows the general education curriculum in the Resource Room but may alter the pace, reading level, demands or amount of support that students receive.  The teacher is able to provide a structured, less distracting environment and to individualize instruction to meet each student’s needs.

    Supplementary Aids and Services

    Teacher Assistants work in classrooms to assist teachers by working with students to reinforce learning, monitor behavior, and implement teacher-designed activities.

    Related Services

    Students may receive additional services including speech-language, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and counseling, as provided in the IEP.

    Group Counseling

    The School Psychologist, School Social Worker and School Counselor design a variety of individual and group counseling opportunities for students each year.  Students may work on Social Skills, Decision-Making, Conflict Resolution or special topics, depending on the need of the student.


Last Modified on October 5, 2020