• 2017-2018 District Goals


         District Goal 1:

    To measure the academic progress of our students through the administration of district-wide assessments in Reading, Math Facts and Writing.

    1. To administer a district-wide reading assessment to all K-3 students in the spring. Ninety percent (90%) of all students will be reading at grade level or will move up one reading level.
    2. Ninety percent (90%) of students in each grade K-5 shall pass with 90% accuracy a timed grade level “Math Facts Assessment” that will be aligned to the Common Core State Standards and will assess students on the four core mathematical functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).
    3. Ninety percent (90%) of students K-8 shall improve one point (one quintile) on the District Writing Assessment. This assessment shall be administered in the fall and in the spring. Students scoring a 5 in the spring shall be counted as having met the goal.


                District Goal 2:

    Begin the process of creating a five-year plan for the school district for 2019- 2024.

    1. Create a planning board consisting of parents, community members, board members, teachers, students, and administrators.
    2. Identify major areas of focus for the five-year plan.
    3. c) Create an implementation timeline of the five-year plan to ensure completion by 2019


                District Goal 3:

    Continue to implement the iReady assessment program in grades 2-5 in ELA and    grades 2-8 in Math.

    1. a) Provide the necessary Professional Development for teachers supported by iReady
    2. b) Provide internal training and sharing of best practices
    3. c)  Gather and analyze data to be shared with parents and to differentiate instruction


Last Modified on September 28, 2017