• With a student population of approximately 320 students, Harding Township School offers small class sizes and a “family” atmosphere. The school embraces a holistic approach to teaching, where the concern is focused on the total well-being of the child. Students receive a comprehensive array of instruction in a full range of academic subjects, the arts, and developmental activities. In addition to the regular offerings of integrated language arts/reading, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education, health, music and art, Harding Township School students learn to apply real life to learning in a newly designed middle school Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) class and Singapore mathematics in grades 1-8. Music and the arts are interwoven into the fabric of the curriculum. Our students achieve commendable results in this full, challenging program of instruction.

    Central to the district’s success is the active involvement of the many volunteers who contribute their services to our school. Through organizations such as the Harding Township PTO, Harding Township Educational Foundation, and Harding Township Recreation Association, students receive a rich variety of unique programs, projects, and activities, including valuable cultural experiences. Other community members participate in planning and development activities through the Vision Council, Facility Planning Committee, Principal’s Parent Council, and Special Education Parents Group.

    Harding Township School provides state of the art technology, equipping each classroom with an interactive SmartBoard, along with Senteo clickers and document cameras. The school is also fortunate to have six SmartTables for the elementary school. The school has a WeatherBug station, which allows teachers to develop lessons using live, real-world information with engaging interactivity. Our bird garden remains a hallmark of the school, offering an outdoor classroom with wireless computer capabilities nestled among bird feeders and flowerbeds. A comprehensive website, PowerSchool, and a monthly electronic Budget Brief facilitate close communication between home and school and between school and the broader community.

    Harding students pledge to give back both locally and globally. The school supports local relief organizations and often sends students to nursing homes for musical performances. The school also hosts a Senior Citizen Breakfast that showcases musical and artistic talents.

    The goal is to set standards for student excellence that are challenging and rigorous and instill in children the desire to develop their abilities to the fullest. The learning community, which is Harding Township, reflects the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical needs of children at their various stages of development. We are very proud of our school/parent/community partnership and the success we have had in creating lifelong learning and celebrating educational excellence. If you have any questions about the district, please do not hesitate to call or email.
    Matthew A. Spelker


Last Modified on September 21, 2016