Several summers ago, I attended a 2 day ceramic workshop to learn about raku firing. I'm pictured here pulling one of my pieces from the 1400 degree kiln.
    Mrs. Norris' raku firing
    Hand built raku fired  wheel thrown raku fired
     Two of my raku pots.
    Technology Coordinator
    Art:   Got Art? Grades 7-8
    Computers:      Grades 3-5

    973.267.6398 ext 409
    Email Address: anorris@hardingtwp.org
     What I teach:
    Computer classes Grades 3 & 4
    Art classes Grades7 & 8


    Non-teaching responsibilities:

    Technology Coordinator


    Cable Channel Coordinator

    Genesis Administrator
     NJSLA Technology and Test Coordinator
    Art Classes meet twice a week for the entire school year.
    Grades are posted as assignments are completed.
    Grades 3 & 4 Computer Classes meet once a week for the entire year.
    Grades 3 & 4 Computer classes receive Standard Grades. Grades are posted at the end of each trimester.