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    About Us

    Our Mission

    To better connect the home and the school, so that parents, teachers and administrators can collaborate constructively on the education, enrichment and advancement of our children. 


    Our Purpose

    We support the Harding Township School’s mission, programs and activities.

    We establish communication and cooperation among all members of the school community – families, faculty and administration – to promote quality education and a healthy environment that will encourage excellence and character.

    We provide educational programs and forums for both parents and students.

    We assist in the dissemination of information concerning all phases of student life at school.

    We organize and promote projects and events beneficial to the HTS community at large. 

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    2021-2022 Executive Board Members

    Co - Presidents

    Kate Bentley

    Joette Rosato

    Co-Vice Presidents

    Maria-Paz Gonzalez

    Angela Lupo

    Treasurer Ricky Hopson

    Janice Sokol

    Reach us at HTSPTO@hardingtwp.org 
Last Modified on August 4, 2021