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    • All assignments, quizzes, tests, projects and participation are graded on a points system. Your final grade is determined by dividing the number of points earned by the maximum possible number of points.  Unless otherwise noted.
      Homework                            20%
      Class Participation                 15%  
      Vocabulary Quiz                    20%
      Lesson Quiz                          20%
      Unit Test                              15%
      Project                                 10%
      Each Marking Period Grade      100%
    • Homework is graded by 'O-/O/O+' (90-100), 'S-/S/S+' (80-89), 'U-/U/U+' (65-79) & missing/late homework with non excuses NI/F(0-65). 
    • Two points will be subtracted for each unnecessary use of English. The participation points will be evaluated by 100 points at the end of each marking period. See the T.A.L.K rubric.