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    Chinese classes are designed for students who are non native Chinese speakers. The objective of these course is to arouse their interest in Chinese, to meet their basic communication needs, and to gain knowledge about Chinese culture.
    Chinese - 6th Grade
    This course is designed for students who are in the first year to learn. Students will master the basic skills of the language, such as Chinese pronunciation system (Pinyin), basic characters, writing in stroke order... etc. Students will greet and address people in appropriate manner, introduce themselves and family members, tell people what their favorite food and drink are, express the date, time and weather, and school life briefly. 
    Chinese - 7th Grade
    This course is designed for students who have learned Chinese for one year. The course will focus to emphasize the development of communication skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students will respond to simple, direct questions or requests for information. In addition, Students will build up their vocabulary through the learning of Chinese characters. Students will be able to express their hobbies, talk about some daily activities, transports..  
    Chinese - 8th Grade
    This course is designed for students who have learned Chinese for two years. Students will will solidify their ability to expend the conversational skill on most familiar topics. Students will express their daily activities and personal preferences, and some immediate needs. Students can handle successfully uncomplicated tasks and social situations requiring and exchange of basic information related to their family, school, recreation, interests, shopping, food, travel... etc.