What is the difference between Conflict and Bullying?
    • Mutually competitive or opposing action/engagement
    • Equal balance of power
    • Unintentional
    • Disagreements, arguments; difficult to avoid
    • Typically resolved through compromise, mediation
    • One-sided; imbalance of power
    • Intent is to cause physical or emotional harm 
    • Based on real or perceived characteristic (race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, etc.)
    • One or more students are victims of one or more person’s aggression, as defined in the law
    • Causes a disruption in the normal operation of the school day; impacts a student's ability to attend school or to participate fully
    If you witness, or received information of a suspected HIB incident, or feel you are a victim of harassment, intimidation, or bullying, you must first verbally report to the principal, then complete and submit a written report (see below) within two days of the initial verbal report to the principal.
    Any questions or concerns, please contact either Emily Thony (Anti-bullying School Specialist) at ethony@hardingtwp.org or ext. 107, or Barbara Thomas (Anti-bullying District Coordinator) at bthomas@hardingtwp.org or ext. 163.
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Last Modified on October 30, 2017