Rainy Days

    Museum Sites

    The Art Institute of Chicago, Art Access page. Click on an area that is of interest to you. Each area has its own button for family activites related to the period of art you choose. Lots to try.

    Heritage Preservation-although the site concentrates on preserving sculpture throughout the United States, it gives suggestions on how to look at sculpture with some interactive activities. http://www.heritagepreservation.org/PROGRAMS/SOS/4KIDS/S4KHOME.HTM

    The National Gallery of Art. Lots to see and do. Especially check out “Lizzy and Gordon Visit the Sculpture Garden.”

    Walker Art Center of the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts. Check out the “Playground”



    The Crayola Activity Center

    Ideas for parents and kids. Lots to do. Frequent updates. Be sure to check out the "Parents" section on the Crayola website. There are many good suggestions of activities for family nights, or just tips on enhancing your child's creativity.

    Morton Salt Co. Fun Stuff. Craft ideas with salt dough from the Morton Salt Co.


    PIE: Playfully Inventing & Exploring with Digital & Other Stuff.
    Combines music, art, science. Suitable for Kindergarten ages and up.



    Brick and Mortar visits

    Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton , NJ. Thirty-five acres of sculptures in a variety of styles and media, including bronze, steel, stone, wood, concrete and mixed media. Especially interesting are the life-size, 3-D representations of famous Impressionist paintings by J. Seward Johnson, artist-sculptor and Johnson & Johnson heir.


    The Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York’s “grand old lady” of museums. Rich with artwork from all cultures and times. Check website for current special exhibits.


    The Morris Museum, Morristown, NJ. Right next door to Harding, the museum offers art, science, history, and theater. Special events include hands-on art and science workshops, discussions of historical events, and theatrical and other performances.


    The Newark Museum, Newark, NJ. Many family events upcoming at the Newark Museum!

    The Philadelphia Museum, Philadelphia, PA. A little farther to go, but worth it. Go to the website to check those areas of interest to you, it’s a big museum! (Don’t forget the “Rocky” steps.)


    If you have a neat place to go, whether on-line or real time contact
    Mrs. Amy Norris at:



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