Health Office Information
    I've always felt that a School Health Office should be a warm and welcoming place. Every child that walks through my door has a reason for being here, even though it may not be immediately apparent. I try to treat each child the way I would want my own children treated.
    Some of the things that you can expect to happen here in this office are:
    1. Vision and hearing screenings
    2. First aid
    3. Information sharing with teachers when appropriate
    4. Record keeping
    5. Medication distribution
    6. Assisting children with diabetes and other chronic illnesses
    I try to see every child at least once throughout the school year, even if it is just to do their vision and hearing, so that we can spend a little time to get to know each other.
    I have an open door policy so please feel free to stop by at any time or call me at 973-267-6398 x105 during school hours. If you plan to stop in please let me know so I can alert the front office that I have a visitor coming into the building. Thank you for understanding our new security policy!