• Harding Township School Parents & Professionals

    of Exceptional Children (PPEC)

    What is PPEC?

    PPEC is a collaboration between parents, faculty, and the Student Services Department of Harding Township School. By working together, our goals are:

    • To provide support and advocacy for families with children who have special needs
    • To develop more effective communication between parents, faculty and special services personnel in the schools
    • To provide programs and information for parents and professionals on current topics in special education
    • To improve the educational, recreational, vocational and social programs for our children
    • To keep abreast of federal, state and local legislation that may affect the education of exceptional children

    By working together with the Student Services department, we can help our children grow, and help the community to better understand the special needs of our children.

    Who are members of PPEC?

    Membership is open to all parents, teachers, professionals and community members who are interested in the lives and education of children with special needs. 

    We welcome your involvement to continue to improve the programs offered in the Madison School District and Harding Township School. The greater our size, the better will be our ability to address issues on an organized basis to further provide and improve the education for our students.

    2022-2023 Meeting Schedule:

    December 15, 2022 at 7:30 p.m location on Zoom.

    The next meeting date will be determined at a later date. 

Last Modified on January 11, 2023