• Guidelines for Food Celebrations  (download)


    Food Celebrations at Harding Township School

    ●Throughout the school year, there are several occasions when students celebrate an event/holiday with food.
    ●These celebrations include K-2 birthday parties, quarterly birthday celebrations for grades 3-5, Halloween, Valentine’s Day…
    ●Effective this year, for all food celebrations, food brought to school must come from the approved safe foods list.
    ●This is an effort to allow celebrations to continue, but in the safest manner for all of our students.
    ●Food brought to school from this list must be in the original, unopened package from the store.
    ●No food items can be prepared at home, so as to eliminate the possibility of cross contamination.


     Approved Safe Foods List:

    ●Original Oreos (not special flavored)
    ●Original Tostitos (not special flavored)
    ●School Safe Cupcakes (available at Shop Rite and Whole Foods)
    ●Store packaged apple slices
    ●Individual snack-sized bags of Skittles
    ●Bags of clementines
    See below for photos of the approved food items to help when making purchases.

     Clelmentines        Oreos         Mott's Apple Slices

    School Safe cupcakes   Skittles    Tostitos



Last Modified on August 12, 2020