Dear HTS Families:


    It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2016 – 2017 school year at Harding Township School.  We are looking forward to days filled with excitement, discovery, collaboration and growth as we move forward each day in our community of learners.


    Our mission statement articulates that at Harding Township School, we strive to inspire students to achieve academic excellence within a supportive environment.  Our teachers are mindful of this each day and they recognize the importance of the role they play in the lives of their students.


    The years that your children spend at HTS will lay the foundation for their academic journey.  It is here that they will first learn how to contribute to a community, respect differences as they are revealed, embrace learning as a life-long experience and face challenges with the understanding that success and failures are equally important.  These are key concepts for students to learn from a young age so that, moving forward, they may have rich, meaningful experiences both in and out of the classroom.


    As in any educational setting, communication is a key component to a positive experience.  At HTS, we identify frequent, open communication between school and families as critically important to the success of the students and the vitality of the school.  We value the partnership between home and school and are committed to strengthening it throughout the year.  Parents give generously of their time and talent through the PTO and HTEF. Each of these organizations helps to enrich the curriculum and support our students in many ways. I hope you will consider becoming involved in some capacity in the year ahead.


    The start of a new school is an exciting time.  Despite some nerves and a touch of sadness to say good-bye to summer, there are endless possibilities that come with a new beginning.  I look forward to this sharing this new beginning with you and welcoming a new year together.



    Mary Donohue