Ongoing Enrichment Programs 

    The PTO provides the following enrichment programs to students and teachers:


    Scholastic Scope logo

    Scholastic Scope is a magazine subscription that supports classroom teaching. It offers a wide range of genres including informational and narrative nonfiction, short fiction, infographics, debates, speeches, and dramas based on myths, classic literature, and history. Paired texts explore one topic or theme through two or more genres, requiring students to synthesize, analyze, and make meaningful cross-genre connections. It provides challenging reader tasks for students and guides for Teachers which feature easy-to-use, step-by-step lessons that include close-reading and critical-thinking questions. 


    Battle of the Books
    The Battle of the Books is a nationwide literacy initiative and academic competition, locally organized by the New Jersey Association of School Librarians. All of the questions in the competition begin with the words 'In which book' and the correct answer is always the title and author of the book. Books are selected over a range of reading levels and genres so that all students can participate and explore new types of books. Each year, the PTO purchases hundreds of brand new books for the Library Media Center (LMC) to allow students to read, compete, and grow through this program.  These titles contribute to the collection of the LMC, allowing teachers for years to come to use these sets in literature circles based on reading levels and interest, and have even inspired students to form their own book clubs.


     BrainPOP is an interactive learning subscription for teachers and students to use in the classroom that provides animated, curricular content to engage learning. It supports individual, team, and whole-class learning; it's characters help introduce new topics and illustrate complex concepts to students in a fun and interactive way. 

Last Modified on April 28, 2022